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Rosh Timer Solution

Rosh Timer Solution

There are two ways to make some good notification of roshan
1) make some app that hacks time from dota2 memory
2) use dota2 to chat current time

I choose second way. I really don't like hacks

Method #1

Alt+click the clock in game!

Method #2

Okay, so we can either hotkey it in console or autohotkey.cfg by inputing:

bind key "chatwheel_say 57"

Here you can find list of keys.

Method #3

Or you can edit chatwheel to show current time


Rosh respawns after a random time between 8-11 minutes*
Aegis is removed after 5 minutes*
*At the time article updated (2015-09-11). Check dota2 wiki to make sure

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