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How to find WarCraft 3 Offset

For developers: If you want it asap you can do it yourself. You will need to edit .ahk file in the end there is something like

if (InStr(version, "1.24."))
	offset := 0xAE8450
else if (version = "")
	offset := 0xAD15F0
else if (InStr(version, "1.27.1"))
	offset := 0xD3D3EC
;else if (version = "")// dont wanna do exac match if new patch will be and offset will be the same
else if (InStr(version, "1.27."))
	offset := 0xBDAA14
	Log("Warcraft III version: " . version . " is not supported")
	Return -2

Add another if statement and offset. To find the offset of chat you will need to install CheatEngine.
Next open start game in any map in warcraft 3.
Then start cheatengine, select war3.exe process.
Scan for 0 when chatbox is closed.
Scan for 1 when chatbox is opened (press enter in warcraft)
After several times of scanning you'll get 5 offsets and 1 of them will be green. Add it and rightclick copy. Paste it and copy only offset. Add 0x before that string and it will be the offset needed

Here image guide
How to find Warcraft 3 Offset

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