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How to easy decompile exe files to ahk

Originally Posted by Anonymous
I have tweaked it all and this works fully and better:
  • 1. Download Exe2Ahk.exe (mirror) and save it to C:\Program Files\AutoHotKey\exe2ahk.exe
  • 2. Copy this code into notepad:
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 
    @="Decompile (Exe2Ahk)" 
    @="\"c:\\Program Files\\AutoHotkey\\Exe2Ahk_gui.exe\" \"%1\""

    P.S. If you use windows 64 bit, change Program Files to Program Files (x86)
  • Save it as "reg.reg" to your desktop
  • 3. Run reg.reg from your desktop then delete it
  • 4. Copy this code into notepad:
    InputBox, password, Enter Password, (Leave this field blank if you didn't set a password), hide 
    runwait, "%A_ScriptDir%\exe2ahk.exe" "%1%" "%password%" 
  • Save it as "c:\program files\autohotkey\Exe2Ahk_gui.ahk"
  • 5. Navigate to "C:\program files\autohotkey\"
  • 6. Compile Exe2Ahk_gui.ahk to Exe2Ahk_gui.exe
  • 7. Right click on a compiled .exe script and click decompile. This will decompile it back to an .ahk script

When you do this to decompile - right click needded file and decompile it!

Source, more info - autohotkey.com

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