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Dota 2 Utilities v1.6

Dota 2 Utilities v1.6

Dota2 Utilities - is a (Dota2 Accepter + Steam/DotaBuff Finder) simple autohotkey based program that will left click on Accept Button, so you can press find match then press accepter hotkey (default is F11) to activate/deactivate and go do smth (drink water, etc)

Plz write suggestion, finded bugs here

Note: Only for small purposes - like drinking/pee! Don’t stay afk for long!!!


  1. Run Dota2 and Dota2Utilities
  2. Press Find Match
  3. Press accepter hotkey (default is F11) to activate/deactivate


  • Press RageQuit hotkey (default is Alt+F4) to exit dota
  • Right click d2u in tray->SteamIdFinder - to find your steamid.
  • Right click d2u in tray->Dotabuff - to direct to your dotabuff profile.
  • Hotkeys can be changed in config (right click d2u in tray->Config).


Dota2 Utilities 1.7 (09.11.2015)

  • Added option to use “Enter Press*” or “Mouse Click” method.
    *Instead of a click, enter will be pressed. (Nearly from week ago you can accept game with enter)
  • Set default method to “Enter Press”
  • Dotabuff / SteamIdFinder from now will check current last steam id*
    *In previous versions this feature looked for last steam id only when the tool started. From now it will look for fresh last steam id when you click Dotabuff / Steam id finder
  • Added in tray menu check update - which will check for update existing**
  • Merged with dota 2 accepter. This means dota2 utilities now has name dota2 accepter. This release is named Dota2 Accepter v1.1**

Dota2 Utilities v1.6

  • Fixed clicker for 6.85.

Dota2 Utilities v1.5b

  • Fixed reading custom position.

Dota2 Utilities v1.5

  • Removed Dota2 source1 clicker (as there is no dota2 source1 anymore).
  • Updated Rosh msgbox to 3 sentence guide.

Dota2 Utilities v1.4

  • Added reborn support.

Dota2 Utilities v1.3

  • Changed position Y for the clicker.
  • Added settings for custom position (in tray menu->Config).

Dota2 Utilities v1.2

  • Added Rage Quit (simply ends dota2 process).
  • Added Run at start option.
  • Fixed steamidfinder and dotabuff checker.

Dota2 Utilities v1.1

  • Removed rosh notificator by the tool.
  • Added link to rosh solution.
  • Added steamid and dotabuff finders in tray menu.

Dota2 Utilities v1.0

  • Initial release.


Download Dota 2 Accepter v1.2 View Source Code on Github

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