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AucT Hotkeys Tool v2.9.5 for WarCraft III 1.29

AucT Hotkeys Tool v2.9.5 for WarCraft III 1.29

The chat-suspending system in AHT v2.3+ is tied to patch, so I need to update it whenever new one is realeased.

The new WarCraft 1.29 patch is the biggest patch in last 10 years or so with true widescreen support. That’s why all coordinate-based hotkeys doesn’t work.

AucT Hotkeys Tool v2.9.5 should fix this but you must check “New WarCraft UI (1.29+)” for this to work. And if you don’t - leave it unchecked. It’s very important. and don’t forget to click save for the tool to apply your setting.

AucT Hotkeys Tool v2.9.5

This is early release and was tested only on my 1920x1080 monitor, so if it doesn’t work - comment or make issue on github repo.

Download AHT v2.9.5

Good luck & have fun

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