Enable hotkeys for taverns and goblinshops by jeytimes


Since Icefrog changed the taverns in 6.60, you can't assign hotkeys to choose a hero from a tavern. Same applies to items from the goblinshops on the lanes.​


There is no default hotkey set and it seems you can only change hotkeys for things which have one.​


Set a default hotkey. This has to be done in the map itself.​

#1 The quick and easy way



Use one of the these patches:

#2 The manual way



Step 1 *Prepare your workspace*

You'll need:

Now put MPQMaster_listfile_UnitStrings.txt in your "MPQMaster\Listfiles" folder and we are ready to go.

Step 2 *MPQMaster - Extraction*

Start MPQMaster and select File-->Open and open the map. A "Select Listfile"-window pops up. Choose MPQMaster_listfile_UnitStrings.txt and hit ok

Click on "Units" in the treeview and mark these 6 files:

Select Operation-->Extract and choose a destination.

Step 3 *Notepad++ - Replacement*

Start Notepad++ and open those 6 files you just extracted from the map.

Press Ctrl+F to open the search window and select the "Replace"-tab.

Set Search Mode to "Regular Expression".

Find what:



Replace with:



Hit "Replace All in All Opened Documents"

Press Ctrl+Shift+S to save all.

Step 4 *MPQMaster - Insertion*

Make sure "Units" is still selected in the treeview.

Select Operation-->Add File(s) from the menu.

Select the 6 files we just edited and press ok.

Select Operation-->Compact(Flush)

Voila, we are done.

Step 5 *BinDiffW - Patch Creation* *optional*

Download BinDiff.zip attached to this post and extract the archive.

Make 2 new folders, name them "new" and "old".

Put the original DotA map in the "old"-folder and the modified map in the "new"-folder.

Run BinDiffW.exe

The settings are pretty straightforward, nevertheless here's a rundown

That's it.

Attached files are here: